ANNA joins the Global Underground series with GU46: Lisbon

Following on from last year’s definitive GU:45 Brooklyn by Danny Tenaglia, Global Underground brings you GU46: Lisbon by Brazilian supremo ANNA, available June 2024.

Now 20+ years into her highly celebrated and revered career, Anna Miranda AKA ANNA ascended to stardom in a unique and special way. At age 14, young Anna would listen to the sets played by local DJs in her father’s nightclub Six, on the outskirts of São Paulo. She realised that the same tracks appeared again and again each week. She convinced her father she could do better….and she did.

For many years now, ANNA has called Lisbon her home. The city’s music and passion run deep through her veins. For Lisboetas, ANNA’s trademark sound encapsulates the effortless chic and vibrant nightlife of one of the coolest cities in Europe. So, who better to bring you the Lisbon edition of the seminal GU series than ANNA?

ANNA’s dynamic sound encompasses multiple styles and genres – from ambient through house to techno. Connectivity and spirituality are key in her music as is her incredible Lisbon studio set-up, as can be heard on her intense and exotic single Kalimba Dreams, released on Global Underground on 5th April.

Kalimba Dreams is one of several new and exclusive tracks on GU46: Lisbon along with ANNA’s collab with Rebūke, the magnificent Ignite. Wehbba’s superb track Symmetry and Paul Roux’s Beautiful Baby, Baby were written especially for ANNA for GU46: Lisbon, as were other incredible tracks by Victor Ruiz, Tao Andra, and Binaryh.

Other artists featured across ANNA GU46: Lisbon include BICEP, Bonobo & Jacques Greene, TSHA, Mind Against, Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini, Yotto and Agents Of Time.

ANNA explains: “I chose music that makes me feel the way that Lisbon makes me feel, and selected the full spectrum of my music taste, including ambient, house and techno. So, there’s this sense of aliveness, of uplifting energy that reflects the diversity of the city…Few places make me feel as stimulated, inspired and fulfilled as Lisbon. It’s a city where I feel totally at home and at peace.

CD1 represents the soft, groovy, mellow, ambient side. CD2 explores the more energetic, club music I’m known for. On GU46: Lisbon, I’ve also included music that I don’t usually play at my shows; music that has a huge impact on uplifting my mood and raising my frequency.

GU Founder Andy Horsfield tells us more: “We have been huge fans of ANNA’s music and dynamic DJ sets for many years, so we are so excited that she has joined the GU family with GU46 Lisbon as the perfect setting for the next edition of the city series.”

Global Underground prides itself on its commitment to physical formats of the very highest quality, essential to your collection. As well as digital/streaming versions, ANNA GU46: Lisbon is available in deluxe CD format, 3 x 12” Heavyweight Coloured Vinyl plus a special Limited Edition Collector’s edition. Why not preorder now for what is bound to be one of THE albums of 2024?

Preorder GU46 album: Presave ANNA’s new single:



1 Rival Consoles – Recovery

2 Nosaj Thing – We Are (우리는) ft. Hyukoh

3 Jacques Greene – Another Girl

4 Paul Roux – Baby Baby           

5 Duskus – Let Go

6 Jasper Tygner – Need You

7 ODESZA feat. Julianna Barwick – This Version Of You (Joseph Ray Extended Remix)

8 Bonobo & Jacques Greene – Fold

9 Parra for Cuva – Mimose         

10 Yotto – Just Over (Franky Wah Extended Remix)

11 Fatima Yamaha – Dawn

12 TSHA feat. Ell Murphy – Renegade

13 BICEP – Just

14 Massano – A World Beyond

15 ANNA – Dissolution

16 Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini – Illusion Of Time

17 Inner Soto – Procrastination 


1 ANNA – Artha

2 ANNA – Kalimba Dreams

3 Luedji Luna – Banho de Folhas (Maz Remix)

4 Dense & Pika – Colt (George FitzGerald Remix)

5 Nicolas Masseyeff & Parallelle – Renegade (Adam Ten & Mita Gami Remix) 

6 Mind Against – OnlyL (feat.TSHA & NIMMO)

7 Denney – Smoke

8 Recondite & Monophase – Elevate

9 Agents Of Time – Zodiac

10 ANNA & Rebūke – Ignite

11 Binaryh – Daemon             

12 Gorgin – Heartbeater

13 Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – Ferdinand (ANNA & Wehbba Mix)

14 Paul Roux – Burning

15 Victor Ruiz – Eventide

16 Bodhi – Orison

17 Sam Shure – Heir of Snare

18 Osunlade – Envision

19 Tao Andra – Dream On 

20 Len Faki – Hymn (ANNA Remix)

21 Wehbba – Symmetry


Side A                

ANNA – Kalimba Dreams

Bonobo & Jacques Greene – Fold

TSHA feat. Ell Murphy – Renegade

Side B                

Yotto – Just Over (Franky Wah Extended Remix)

Len Faki – Hymn (ANNA Remix)

Rival Consoles – Recovery

Side C  

Mind Against – OnlyL (feat.TSHA & NIMMO)

Sam Shure – Heir of Snare

Victor Ruiz – Eventide

Side D                

Wehbba – Symmetry

ODESZA – This Version Of You (feat. Julianna Barwick) (Joseph Ray Extended Remix)

Parra for Cuva  – Mimose

Side E                

Agents Of Time – Zodiac

Gorgin – Heartbeater

Tao Andra – Dream On 

Side F  

ANNA & Rebūke – Ignite

Binaryh – Daemon

Paul Roux – Burning

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