Space Ibiza and Eden Ibiza announce collaboration for the 2024 season

Space Ibiza has announced its grand resurgence on the island that has been its home and heart for decades. In a move that reconnects with its roots and rekindles the flames of dance and unity, Space Ibiza unveils a historic 24-week residency at Eden Ibiza, beginning April 26th and culminating on October 4th, 2024.

This carefully curated series of weekly events, taking place every Friday, signifies a profound homecoming to San Antonio town – the birthplace of Space’s founder and visionary, Pepe Roselló. San Antonio, a town with a rich legacy within the clubbing community of Ibiza, serves as the perfect backdrop for Space Ibiza’s next chapter, weaving the past, present, and future of electronic music into the fabric of the island once more.

The choice of Eden Ibiza as the venue for this monumental residency stems from a deep-rooted connection and shared ethos between the two clubbing giants. It’s a partnership built on mutual respect and a collective aim to elevate the Ibiza nightlife experience. Fridays in San Antonio are set to be redefined, marking a new era of clubbing history on the island and giving back to the vibrant community that has contributed so much to the global dance music scene.

“We’ve deeply missed the collective joy of dancing, the unparalleled energy of connecting on the dance floor, and the creation of incredible memories. It’s with great emotion and excitement that we return to Ibiza, to reawaken the island’s spirit and reintroduce the unique magic that is Space Ibiza,” said a spokesperson for Space Ibiza. “Our 24-week journey at Eden is not just a series of parties; it’s a celebration of life, music, and the indomitable spirit of Ibiza that Space has always embodied.”

Prepare to immerse yourself in a season of unforgettable nights, where each Friday will unveil a new chapter in the ongoing story of Space Ibiza. From April 26th to October 4th, 2024, join us as we make history, uniting old friends and new ones under the stars and strobes of Eden Ibiza.

“Let the music play, let the dance floors fill, and let the spirit of Ibiza shine brighter than ever before. Welcome back to Space Ibiza. Welcome home!!!!” – Pepe Rosello


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