Orbital & Michael Mayer remixes Cafe Del Mar

Café Del Mar: Orbital & Michael Mayer Remixes by Energy 52

Energy 52‘s Café Del Mar is one of the most iconic tracks in dance music. Released in 1993, this instrumental trance anthem was named after the famous beach bar on the Balearic island, becoming synonymous with the euphoric, sun-soaked vibe of Ibiza’s dance culture. Crafted by German DJ Kid Paul and co-produced by Cosmic Baby, the track’s mesmerizing melodies and uplifting harmonies encapsulate the quintessential sunset moment, making it a staple in the sets of DJs worldwide.

Its enduring appeal is reflected in its impressive chart performance and numerous re-releases and remixes by leading artists, ensuring its presence in dance music culture across decades. Over the years, Café Del Mar has achieved legendary status, regularly featuring in lists of the greatest dance tracks of all time. Notably, it was voted No. 1 position in Mixmag’s 2001 list of the “Top 100 Tunes of All Time” highlighting its almost unparalleled impact on the dance music landscape. To put it simply, Café Del Mar is a cultural phenomenon, encapsulating the spirit of an era and influencing generations of artists and fans alike.

Now this iconic track is being remixed by two of the most revered acts in electronic music, Orbital and Michael Mayer. Orbital, the pioneering British electronic dance duo consisting of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll, have continued to shape the electronic music scene since their emergence in 1989. Known for their innovative live performances and seminal tracks like “Halcyon + On + On,” they’ve significantly influenced techno and electronic music. In 2024, Orbital maintained their relevance by releasing a critically acclaimed album and embarking on a global tour, showcasing their ability to blend contemporary electronic sounds with its signature style. Their sustained creativity and adaptability underscore a legacy that bridges the early rave scene with today’s electronic music landscape, solidifying their status as enduring icons in the genre.

Orbital’s remix is an ode to the golden age of rave, with clattering breakbeats and an ethereal synth line pulsing through its early stages before the iconic lead warps into view. They preserve the iconic, hair-raising breakdown before landing on the other side in a flurry of synths, scything percussion and a punishing 4/4 beat.

A key figure in Cologne’s electronic scene, Michael Mayer co-founded the influential Kompakt label, contributing significantly to its direction and success. His discography includes seminal albums such as “Neuhouse” (1998), “Immer” (2002), and more recent works like “Higher” (2020) and “Connecting the Dots” (2021). Known for his meticulous remixes and collaborations with artists like Superpitcher and Kölsch, Mayer’s work spans genres, touching on microhouse, experimental, and ambient techno. Beyond producing, Mayer’s mix CDs, including contributions to the Fabric and DJ-Kicks series, highlight his broad musical taste and ability to curate pioneering sounds.

For his interpretation, Mayer leans into head-spinning, hypnotic rhythms, with tribal drums and the patiently evolving lead line building towards a climax that is more subtle but no less effective. A near-perfect sunrise track for the payoff to all-night, al fresco summer raves.
More info and background on Michael Mayer and his views on this iconic classic please read here in Michael Mayer’s interview with Loudlife.

While Michael Mayer’s remix was digitally released 26.04.24 the Orbital Remix is out today digitally as well as both Remixes together on vinyl. Stream / Download here

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