Mix of the Week – Marc DePulse

Marc DePulse · Marc DePulse @ Red Ruby, Bali/Indonesia (15.06.2024)

This week we head to Bali with a live mix from Marc DePulse, recorded at Red Ruby Club.

Leipzig/Germany-based artist Marcel Sterling alias Marc DePulse with over 25 years in the business, started to produce his music in the 1990s Marc went through a long journey to develop his signature sound with his typical handscript. Whoever sheds some tears while listening to music can relate to what Marc is trying to achieve. It has to be “music to remember” and make a big impact. And that could be a catching melody, a guitar bassline, rolling percussions or strong vocals. DePulse has already connected a lot of that love with his music. Either the music is for the dancefloor or for the heart. And that’s what Marc wants to tell us with his releases and podcasts: there is no box into which you must fit because you are free in your mind to do whatever you love. Being real, being authentic, being a full-time music lover. That means: going to bed and waking up with only music in your head.

Marc has been established as a unique DJ by performing on the biggest international stages, DJing in over 40 countries worldwide. His productions led him to be the best-selling artist in Indie Dance music (Top #1 artist on Beatport in 2023).

After appearances on major labels such as Diynamic, Einmusika, Katermukke, SINCOPAT or Parquet (in total over 500+ releases in the past 2 decades) Marc was releasing his third artist album “Together Alone” on Katermukke in 2022.

In addition to his own productions, Marc is running the hyped imprint JEAHMON! Records and also invites his favourite artists and friends on his platform “How I Met The Bass” which is a storyteller project that became a big brand over the last decade.

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