George the Tech Has A Big AI Voiceover Announcement

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AI Voiceover has been all the talk in the industry. The fear that we will all have “nice voices” but not great jobs is one that we all seem to share. AI voiceovers aren’t getting worse. They are getting better. But while technology has been improving with the goal to replace voice actors, very little of it has been focused on helping us improve as talents. That’s where George The Tech comes in.

I recently interviewed George in my studio in Atlanta. After years of seeing and interacting with him at various events, I was totally geeked when he was in Atlanta and agreed to come by my studio. George the Tech is “THE AUTHORITY” in the voiceover industry when it comes to all things audio. Need help with your audio interface? Call George. Wanna set up your studio? Call George. George knows audio and the industry knows George and trusts him with our sound.

Why Visit Georgethe.Tech ?

I get a lot of compliments on my sound quality. I built my studio with the help of a friend here in Atlanta. The acoustics are great. But great acoustics aren’t everything. I’ve spent a lot of money on equipment, from microphones to the Apollo to plugins, but the best talents still need help using their tools. When I moved into a new environment and started using the Manley Voxbox for radio imaging, I needed help tuning it for my voice and my new studio. George Whittam was the first person I thought of. I scheduled a source-connect session with him through his website.

George is known for his services. His website offers audio consulting, tone matching, studio sound assessments, audiobook mastering, studio design, and emergency audio assistance among other services. In addition to George’s help, he offers an entire team of experts, Tina Leaman, Jim Edgar, Paul Stefano, Mike Ciporkin, Bruce Hayward, Mike McGonegal, Gillian Pelkonen, Humberto Franco, Tim Ratledge, Rich Greene, Evan Marquardt, Andrew Feliciano, Robert Marshall, Tim Friedlander, Kimberly Cushing, Hatt Merlino, Bill Reid (no relation) and of course friend and co-host Dan Leonard.

George Talks Tech

I first heard of George from his incredibly popular and informative YouTube show EWABS, the East-West Audiobody Show with tech expert and Voice Actor Dan Leonard. The two friends did an incredible show for years before Dan moved from the East Coast to the West. Naturally, the “E” in EWABS had to make a change so George and Dan changed the name of their show to VOBS, the Voiceover Body Shop. They kept the same informative and entertaining format that played on the idea of two guys chatting it up about cars. But these guys were talking microphones and plugins, instead of motors and pistons.

George announced during my interview that the show wrapped up several months prior and that the last episode recently aired, leaving the voiceover community without our two favorite tech buddies on YouTube to answer our questions. George recognized a void. He recognized that while AI Voiceover could be the VO apocalypse, it could also be our savior. George The Tech had an idea.  How about an AI Voiceover Chatbot?

AI Voiceover Chatbot

George amassed thousands of shows between EWABS and VOBS. He’s been on hundreds of videos and websites answering technical questions and dishing out advice. How about a bot that combs through all of those websites and videos and answers common voiceover questions? It would be like having George’s knowledge base at the tip of our fingers anytime we needed it. So that’s what George did. Initially, he considered contracting someone to do it for him but concluded that he could do it himself. And he did.

The voiceover community has its first AI Voiceover chatbot and you can take it for a spin. Check it out at