DJ SHARE releases her two-track ‘Moon’ EP on Berlin-based label Mobilee

Dutch artist SHARE has released her highly anticipated EP ‘Moon’, presenting a mix of indie dance and deep house. The EP contains two outstanding tracks: ‘Moon’ and ‘Connection’.

‘Moon’ takes the listener on a deep, soulful journey. Created under the enchanting full moon and starry skies of Ibiza, this track immerses the listener in a mesmerizing world that reflects the tranquil beauty of the island. Its indie dance vibe is steeped in melodic richness and promises a soulful experience.

‘Connection’ is an energetic track with groovy elements and a bouncy foundation. The track is a delightful blend of funky melodies and jazzy touches and epitomizes the essence of deep house. It is a reminder that true happiness comes from within and invites the listener to close their eyes and feel the joy.

SHARE is a luminary in the music world, originally from the Netherlands. Her unique musical style combines melodic house and indie dance with energetic, uplifting beats infused with techno and tribal elements, spreading joy wherever she performs. SHARE has signed her music to renowned labels such as Abracadabra, A Tribe Called Kotori, and Mobilee Records. She has graced the stages of prominent festivals and venues around the world including WooMoon in Ibiza, Tulum, The Gardens of Babylon, Woodstock 69, and Pleinvrees Festival.

One of SHARE’s notable tracks, ‘Avatar’, addresses the pressing issue of single-use plastic and is featured on the #PlasticFreeParty compilation. Her latest EP ‘Fire Walk’, released on Oliver Koletzki’s label A Tribe Called Kotori, showcases her evolving sound and creative depth. SHARE will continue to push boundaries with her upcoming EP on Mobilee Records, which promises a Dolby Sound experience and aims to raise the standard of quality in music.

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