Cercle announces the world’s first nomad concert structure

Cercle announces a new era in live touring entertainment – the world’s first nomad concert structure of its kind. Cercle Odyssey is where music, technology, and innovation converge to create an unforgettable journey for audiences around the globe. The groundbreaking concept redefines the conventional concert format, transcending boundaries and limitations to deliver an immersive and multisensory journey.  

My current obsession is to create the shortest connection between the music played by the artist, the video narrative that we will present live on the screens and the audience’s emotions. I want to connect these 3 things together at the deepest level and I believe this is still underdeveloped in the entertainment industry. If, by the end of a Cercle Odyssey show, I see people on the dance floor literally moved to tears, then I will consider it a success.” Derek Barbolla (Cercle founder and Creative Director)

Cercle Odyssey redefines the concert experience by intimately blending live music with a new type of visual storytelling within a 360° projection panorama. This modern odyssey, inspired by the myth of Ulysses offers a multi-dimensional experience: Odyssey comes to each person, provoking that deep feeling of fulfilment upon returning home after a long journey. 

“Visually, we will keep up and even transcend our very specific and unique Cercle signature. The videos will be real, human and natural. We feel that we need this sort of humanity in the content, in a world where we sometimes feel disconnected from nature, from Earth… We are actually going the opposite way of most of the visuals we currently see in the electronic music scene. We will be working with the amazing Neels Castillon as a film director and the narrative and visual structure of Cercle Odyssey will revolve around the universal quest of “returning home,” inspired by the adventures of Homer’s hero. A few characters will evolve through encounters, beautiful landscapes, and natural phenomena, which merge through a prism of vivid and intimate colours. Each concert will be completely unique, and will unfold like a living painting.” Derek Barbolla

Neels Castillon, globally represented by Ridley Scott Creative Group and co-founder of Motion Palace, will oversee the direction of Cercle Odyssey’s videos, infusing them with his distinct narrative style. The esteemed director is acclaimed for his ability to capture intimate and poetic moments in his films. With a distinctive aesthetic and keen artistic sensitivity, his work explores the human connection with nature and its vast, unexplored landscapes, making him a natural fit to bring Cercle Odyssey’s immersive vision to life.


In terms of musical programming, Cercle Odyssey will collaborate with artists from various genres and backgrounds. The hallmark of careful musical curation lies in the selection of artists whose compositions seamlessly blend auditory and visual elements. These artists are revered for crafting music that resonates acoustically and paints vivid mental landscapes. 

The artists who will play at Cercle Odyssey will be revealed later in the year. Cercle’s scenography is a marvel of engineering and imagination, blending cutting-edge technology with sustainable design. 

The scenography we created for Cercle, in its pure form, serves as a bridge between the event venue and the surrounding world, like a panoramic window onto the planet we inhabit. The monumental doors that comprise Odyssey transport us on a journey between dream and reality, between sky and earth, through space and time. Victor Perrin & Samuel Chatain, RAINBOW, Scenography Studio

Central to the technical prowess is the 2300 m² of giant projection screens enveloping the audience. These state-of-the-art screens are 10 to 12 meters (up to 40 feet) high and up to 55 meters (up to 180 feet) long. Inspired by traditional movie screens, they showcase a dynamic array of high-quality images shot in 8K, meticulously synchronized live with the music. What sets Cercle Odyssey apart is not only the technical innovation but also its commitment to sustainability, due to all of the equipment (sound, light, and projectors) being sourced and rented locally. By opting for 29 state-of-the-art projectors instead of traditional LED screens to illuminate the scenography, Cercle eliminates the need to transport a massive load of LED screens. This drastically reduces transportation emissions and energy consumption. The use of projectors also represents a technical achievement. Cercle’s team seamlessly integrates these projectors to create a visually stunning experience that rivals traditional methods, all while maintaining a smaller carbon footprint.


To ensure that every audience member can fully immerse themselves in the experience, phones are strictly forbidden inside the scenography. By disconnecting from digital distractions, attendees can focus solely on the emotive journey unfolding, allowing the music and visuals to transport them to new realms without interruption. This fosters a shared sense of presence and connection, amplifying the collective experience. However, as a parting souvenir, each guest will receive a folder of filmed content from Cercle. 

Cercle Odyssey 2025 dates and locations will be announced soon. Pre-register HERE to be the first to receive a notification.


Cercle is an artistic movement that hosts and curates experiences, events, festivals, a record label, and immersive musical journeys. At the intersection of music, aesthetics, heritage, and video, Cercle aims to create and produce innovative experiences on a global scale, highlighting unique artists on unique stages and fostering a new perspective on the cultural and natural legacy of our world. Cercle has produced over 240 events around the world to this day, including about thirty UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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