Budakid drops ‘Infinity’ EP on Exploited

Budakid is back on Exploited with an impassioned 2-tracker. A regular at the Gardens Of Babylon events, Budakid has honed a distinctive shade of heartstring House and Indie Dance which has touched labels such as Permanent Vacation and Berlin’s Watergate. Here, he delivers 2 travel tickets for 2 disparate trips.

‘Infinity’ is a journey in the truest sense of the word. Through an effervescent bass sequence, clever filter control and kinetic drum work, Budakid generates consistent motion from start to finish. Euphoric melodies are layered as the track gathers lucency before a wide-open breakdown renders a patch of interstellar drifting. Distant snares snap overhead as the bass sequence courses into focus, reeling the listener back into the pilot’s seat toward a vibrant conclusion.

‘The Curse’ then illuminates some gooey, 90’s memories. Nostalgic chords are given buoyancy by snappy, Bicep-esque breaks and a pair of synth lines that are braided together – tumbling over one another as they carry the track’s energy.

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