AI in Music Symposium hosted by Berklee and Audio Engineering Society

Berklee College of Music and the Audio Engineering Society (AES) will present the first-ever AES International Symposium on AI and the Musician, a two-day forum that will bring together artists, producers, engineers, educators, legal experts, and developers to explore the most relevant issues related to the use of artificial intelligence in music. The Symposium will take place from June 6-8 at various locations on Berklee’s campus in Boston.

The inaugural event seeks to foster an exchange of ideas that incorporates perspectives on AI from the music, technical, and business communities, with sessions touching on a comprehensive mix of topics including intellectual property rights, recent advancements in AI tools for music production, the implementation of AI in arts education, composer-centric AI music generation in studio and performance settings, and ethical challenges posed by AI to musicians and sound artists. The program will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, presentations of submitted compositions, and interactive demonstrations of the latest technology.

“The core motivation for this Symposium draws from a long relationship with music making and music production where technology serves to augment expressive possibilities and the creative process,” said Jonathan Wyner, event organizer and professor of music production and engineering at Berklee, and previous president of AES. “With the lightning-fast rate at which AI applications continue to evolve, it’s essential for musicians, educators, developers, and all stakeholders in the creative economy to engage on these complicated issues in a meaningful, ongoing dialogue.”

The keynote speakers for this event are composer Tod Machover and research scientist and technologist Anna Huang. Noted as “America’s most wired composer” by The Los Angeles Times and “a musical visionary” by The New York Times, Machover’s presentation takes an in-depth look at how AI technology is becoming a valuable resource for musicians to uncover and unlock human potential in a variety of contexts. Huang, a judge and organizer of the AI Song Contest who will be joining the MIT faculty in the fall of 2024, will discuss recent advancements in generative AI modelling that have opened up possibilities for human-AI collaboration in composition and performance.

Other featured presenters include intellectual property and technology lawyer Emily Tait, who will delve into copyright laws as they relate to generative AI; Northwestern professor Bryan Pardo, who will examine the use of AI techniques in sonic art; and several Berklee faculty members who both create and teach with AI including Akito van Troyer (Electronic Production and Design), Ben Camp (Songwriting), Mark Simos (Songwriting), and Carlos Arana (Music Business and Production for Berklee Online).

“AES is proud to host this Symposium with the world-renowned Berklee College of Music,” said AES President Leslie Gaston-Bird. “The talent and creativity that comes out of this institution combined with the networking power and ingenuity of the AES will be a catalyst for an unforgettable 2024 symposium. Don’t miss it!”

The 2024 AES International Symposium on AI and the Musician is sponsored by Suno and Kits AI. Registration is now open with a discounted rate available for AES student members. This is a limited-capacity event. For more information and a full schedule of events, visit the Symposium homepage on the Audio Engineering Society website.

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